What Our Students Are Saying…

“Joe – Please pass along to Ed, Roy and Travis my sincere appreciation for sharing their vast experience and unwavering commitment to making this old aircraft mechanic a brand new CDL holder.  You and your staff have created a driving school that has surpassed my expectations. The people at Skagit City Truck School all have the same goal. To give each student the information, time and hands on training required to obtain their CDL. The instructors enhance student strengths and reduce barriers incrementally in a way that builds skill and confidence.  My only advice to others who wish to attend would be to use every moment the school provides. Try not to miss a day or even an hour. The instructor to student ratio is low compared to other schools. Use this advantage. If you are as committed to the training as the instructors are, you will be rewarded.”

~Michael Plumley 


“This place is the best! By far the best and most fun course I have ever taken.  Dale is the best instructor I’ve had for learning pre-trip. Ron is the best back up instructor I’ve ever seen and Rhonda is the most fun to drive with. All the instructors are great and take their time with you. Even after you have graduated they let you come back to do a drive if you need a little refresher.  Even the owner Joe takes the time to share his real world knowledge.”

~ Matt Boice


“These folks are great!! Got my CLP Friday. The pretest instruction is informative and thorough. Dale’s real world experience made it interesting and entertaining. Passed the test easily. All the staff are genuinely interested in each students desire to become a competent and safe professional driver. Hopefully the snow won’t delay the upcoming driving training. Old dogs can learn new tricks. 👍”

~Fred Jacobson


“We would like to thank Skagit City Trucking for the CDL education and schooling. The instructors were very helpful in our education. Their teaching abilities were most exceptional. They were most supportive and helpful in the permitting process, the pre-trip inspections and preparing us for our Skills Test. In addition, we’d like to extend our gratitude and appreciation to Katie for assisting us in the enrollment of Skagit City Trucking School and likewise the most exceptional thanks to Joe.”

~JD Hunt Paving and crew


“Joe – I would like to take this time to say thank you to you and your staff at Skagit City Trucking School.  Picking a school was a difficult task considering the options: Schneider, Werner, Swift or obtain it on my own, My Dime! Then to find a school that was reputable and could deliver something for my money and not waste time and money. I considered all the schools in the northwest and California and I can say without reservation I made the best choice. Your staff did a great job with the representation and training to prepare all of us for the “Big Day.”  The results were outstanding with 100% success with raw material. Very good job!  The instructors were professional and friendly (including Bill). I enjoyed interacting with all of them and found everyone at S.C.T.S. to be professional at all times as well as helpful and willing to take what ever time was needed to get us ready for test day.  Again good job.  In the future, I will recommend without hesitation anyone seeking a career in the trucking industry go to Skagit City Trucking School.  Thanks again.”

~ Stephen Bellehumeur


“I can not even begin to find the words to explain how amazing the instruction at Skagit City is. When I first started here I had never driven a manual and was sure that I would never figure it out. My confidence in my own skills was so low I felt like giving up before I even tried. I met the driving instructors and after just being around Bill and Dale I felt so welcomed and accepted that I started to change my mind. I was treated like an equal and given the time and effort my situation needed which was a lot. I went from knowing absolutely nothing about trucks to driving, backing and pre-tripping with confidence. I was shown patience which turned into a positive self attitude and I was able to take my test after I was given extra time to work on my weak areas. I thank everyone at Skagit City for sticking with me and staying positive even when I doubted myself. Dale thank you for all the metaphors,songs and keeping me laughing. Bill thank you for the wisdom and the knowledge of the best food spots. Thank you both for teaching me new skills that will serve me for the rest of life and allow me new experiences I would have never thought possible.”

~ Paige Lee


“Awesome school!!! Instructors/staff and owner are all great teachers and very approachable with any type of issue. They are also to work around your schedule if needed and never leave a student behind. It is also great that they can make a judgement call when a student is a SAFETY hazard to the public. But they will work with him, to get him good to go. I saw it for my self in my class. All the instructors have great ways to help you get the information and will work individually with you if needed. Great acronyms and different ways to slow you down to make a shift and not grind gears. Safety and you getting your CDL is their number 1 concern. I would and will recommend the school to anyone.”

~ Robert Duncan


“I can’t say enough about everyone at this school. From (nickname omitted due to professionalism) Joe and Office Queen Katie (thanks for putting up with me) to Instructors Jim, Bill, Darrell and Charles, you can’t ask for a better bunch of people to deal with…especially when it comes to getting you an education.

Each of the instructors has their own unique methods of getting the information through to you so that you’ll actually understand what you’re doing when you get out into the ‘real world’. They all demonstrate incredible amounts of patience (well, some more so than others…haha) and seem to genuinely care about your future.

In addition to the outstanding instruction they provide, you’re also offered many ‘insider’ tips on the job market which is invaluable information! There are also frequent visits from recruiters representing many of the top trucking companies in the country.

Katie has the office running like a well oiled machine and is very approachable, knowledgeable and really friendly (oops…don’t tell her I said that). She helped me with my VA paperwork and pretty much handled it all. This place loves VETS!!

Thanks again to everyone at Skagit City Trucking School…you guys ROCK!”

~ Mike Parker


“Thanks for the opportunity guys. Going to Skagit City Trucking School was a life changer for me. Not only did you guys teach me what I needed to learn to get my CDL, but you helped me get a great job with a great company. You are all good people and I enjoyed getting to know all of you.”

~Travis Cabe


“Many thanks for your excellent tutoring and exceptional coaching in my successful effort to acquire a CDL.  Your effort made all the difference.  Wishing you continued success!”

~David Larousse


“I am enrolled with Skagit City and am grateful that I returned to them for training. Skagit City was in constant contact with me inquiring how things were going and when I planned on enrolling.  When I asked Skagit City whether they could accommodate my schedule and school, they were MORE THAN WILLING!!  Skagit City has bent over backwards to help me with tuition financing as well as allowing me to come to class when I can and they allow me to attend weekend classes.  The level of professionalism I’ve witnessed and experienced personally is not like any others.  They have superior teachers and the safety knowledge is happily and readily available with Skagit City!”

~Sherrill E. Hustler Coville


“To be honest – there are no negatives in the manner in how your instructors teach.  They are extremely knowledgeable in their field, very happy to share their experiences in the profession (good & bad) which helps the students understand more clearly.  They adapt their teaching skill to insure that every student is understanding & absorbing the information.  The classroom is a relaxed atmosphere keeping everyone engaged & they keep the class light.  Their professionalism is amazing…whether or not they like to admit it, they care about the success of each and every student.  Amazing school Joe! Thank you to Darrell & Dale for all do!”

~ Barry Ruchty, Snohomish County Sheriff


“When selecting a CDL training school, there are a lot of factors to consider but none is going to be more important than the school’s reputation in the industry when it comes to getting your first job.  The owner, Joe Hardy, is a former FedEx terminal Manager and has years of real world experience in the transportation industry managing professional drivers.  He understands the value a brand’s reputation carries in the industry and truly stands up for what he believes in, which is why Skagit City’s reputation is the best in the state.  Whether you want to haul dry van, reefer or flat bed, there are plenty of starter companies out there who accept Skagit City graduates and will get you on the road to making money quickly after graduating.  Everything the instructors; Darrell, Dale, Bill, and Charles tell you will help you gain the experience you need to pass the CDL test and get your first position in the trucking industry.”

~Tyler Olivas


“I signed up for class A CDL training with Skagit City Trucking School knowing only that I wanted to start a new career as a professional driver, and that’s it. I had never even seen inside of semi-truck before, and was completely intimidated to even start the engine the first time. The thought of backing one up or driving one through town was downright frightening. But all the instructors were just amazing. We slowly progressed from driving around the parking lot, then on country roads, and finally through town. My confidence built and now I feel that I have the skill-set to handle any situation on the road and to continue to improve. The atmosphere at Skagit City Trucking School is so positive and warm, and I could feel that the teachers really cared about each of the students and were conscious of different learning paces and styles. Big THANKS to all at Skagit City Trucking, so glad I chose you guys!”

~Evan Pasquier


“I would just like to say I’m two days away from taking my CDL test, and I have never been so confident about anything. I’d like to say Darrell and Dale are amazing instructor; friendly, funny, easy to get along with, down to earth, just straight up good guys. Joe seems pretty damned cool too. Adam is the king 5 guy, but for real, this school is great! If you want to not just pass your test, but learn how to drive a truck, go here! I’ve learned so much. Thanks guys!”

~Mike Harris


“Skagit City Trucking School is very well rounded. The instructors are very insightful and knowledgeable about the CDL and driving. The office staff insured all my needs and employment opportunities were available. I will recommend Skagit City Trucking School to other people looking to obtain their CDL.”

~Nick Andrews


“My name is Feliciano Castillo; I want to say that I had a great experience with Skagit City Trucking School and its instructors. The Instructors are folks with a great attitude and very good teaching skills. They have good techniques to help you learn quickly. I can say that I learned a lot and am proud that I participated in this schools training program. Thank you Adam, Darrell and Joe.”

~Feliciano (Felix) Castillo


“Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the training I received from Skagit City Trucking School. I wanted to tell you in person and I saw your truck in the parking lot several times but Darrell and Dale kept us so busy and I didn’t want to miss a thing. So I hope you don’t mind if I write you with some thoughts. This is a new career path for me and from my first visit to Skagit City Trucking School, Joe helped me think it was possible to realize my life dream of being a trucker. He was very real in telling me the highs and lows of the trucking industry. His knowledge of the industry is obvious and has been a great resource for me. His attention to safety is everywhere. Katie is a very friendly face being the first person you see when you enter the office. She is a very good impression of the school. As busy as she was she never hesitated to interrupt what she was doing to help us or answer a question. Last but not least, there is Darrell and Dale. Where do I start? You must know already how valuable they are. This is a well-oiled team! The experience they have in the industry is invaluable. You can’t teach someone how to drive a truck without having experienced it in real life. One thing I didn’t expect going in was the enormous liability a truck driver has and they brought that home big time. And the patience they have is incredible! Take me for instance. I am a retired pencil pushing manager and never even been in a big truck before attending your school. They turned me into a truck driver! Or at least they gave me the confidence that I could be one. I truly appreciate the training I received and have the highest respect for their work standards and ethics.”

~John Dietz


“To Joe and staff, I would like to extend my sincere thanks to you and your staff (Darrell and Dale) for enabling me to achieve my goal of obtaining a Class A CDL. I have taken numerous courses at Community College and Technical College since getting a business Degree from a State University, but I have not learned as much or ever had such a well instructed, intensive course as you have provided. The personal interest displayed to each student and their knowledge and abilities (or lack thereof), was addressed in such a manner that if the student stumbled or faltered it was in no way the course material, the instructions, instructors or Skagit City Trucking School. The dedication and knowledge of the instructors, and their determination to teach and have the students actually learn what is necessary to obtain and retain information for the job ahead, could not in any way be improved. I also thank each of you for the assistance and concern you have sincerely displayed in helping me find employment. I will be recommending Skagit City Trucking School to anyone who inquires about where I received my drivers’ training. Again, thank you.”

~Mark Logan


“I just wanted to take a few minutes and thank everybody who has helped my family and I in the last couple of months. I really didn’t expect things to happen so fast, so easily, with so much help from everybody. When I first went to Clayton at VA and Darrell at Skagit City Trucking School, everything happened so fast. Darrell and Dale are good instructors and easy to learn from. Joe made a lot happen. Once I got down to Sumner, WA, Doug and RJ worked hard to help me out with both apprenticeship and my CPAP, and I should be on the road this weekend. Robert and Amber at Lincare found paperwork and parts for me very quickly so that I could hit the road. Yvonne Hogan with Employment Security made sure that I was paid for benefits I had earned making all this easier. It is all too easy to sit at home in frustration and do nothing….well not around this bunch. Thanks again for all of your help.”

~Bob Orwig


“My experience at Skagit City Trucking School was not only educational but also engaging. The entire staff was extremely eager that each and every student succeed in their quest for a Professional license. A license that NOT only speaks to the ability of the driver/student to operate a commercial vehicle, but to do so w/ integrity that exemplifies safety as the highest priority. The professionalism of Joe Hardy was not only encouraging but also friendly. As a student you are provided w/ more than enough opportunities to access potential employers, as well as various fields of employment that correlate to a newly acquired professional level license. If you choose to commit to this educational opportunity, the culmination of the invested time, energy, and effort will be at least lucrative and ideally reciprocally enhancing.”



“I really loved Skagit City Trucking School. The staff was very knowledgeable and awesome! Joe was very helpful and informative on telling us about CSA 2010 paperwork. He helped me out a lot to find a job. Darrell and Bill, my instructors, were the best guys to be around and learn from. They helped me a lot in the area that I had trouble with and kept encouraging me through everything. They joke and talk about lots of stuff on the drives to help release the tension and ease my nerves making the drive so much better. They have taught me everything they can to help me get started in my new career. Katie and Adam were helpful in getting things done and making sure things continued to run smoothly. I will never forget Skagit City Trucking School and its wonderful people. I highly recommend this school to anyone looking to get their CDL. Great instructors, managers, and great equipment. The drives out on the roads are awesome and breathtaking!”

~Eric Larson Jr.