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Class B & Class C CDL Training Course

Available Classes


Our Class B & Class C CDL Training Course will consist of 48 hours of instruction required by the Washington State Department of Licensing. Each training course hour will be no less than 60 minutes. There will be 2880 minutes of required training for course completion. Students will attend training for 3 weeks, from 8:00am to 4:30pm allowing half an hour for a lunch break. As of April 1, 2015 the state is requiring that you have your CDL permit for 14 days before you can take your skills test.


This program will prepare successful graduates for a primary occupation as an entry level truck driver for local or over the road driving positions. However, the final occupation of the student may vary depending on experience, education, and career advancement. Many graduates may obtain positions as dispatchers and safety directors. Some are required to obtain a CDL for their current positions as city utilities workers, mechanics, heavy equipment operators, independent contractors and driver managers.

Class B & Class C CDL Training Course Training will cost:

  • Registration fee: $100.00
  • Tuition costs: $1,800.00
  • Books: $200.00
  • Supplies: $50.00
  • Materials: $150.00


  • Down payment: $450.00
  • Payments due by the end of the Course: $1,850.00

Weekly Payment Schedule:

  • Course Down Payment: $450.00
  • Due the third day of training at 25% completion of course: $800.00
  • Due the fifth day of training at *50% completion of course: $1,050.00

Cost of Course does not include:

  • Driving Abstract: $13.00
  • Class B Learners Permit: $35.00
  • DOL Written Exams: $40.00
  • DOL Skill Test Results Form: $250.00
  • CDL Drivers License: $112.00

The total cost for all fees outside the course is approximately $450.00.

Washington State also requires a Drug Test and a DOT Physical. This cost is to be paid to Skagit City Trucking School. Total of $150.00:

  • DOT Physical: $85.00
  • Drug Test: $65.00

$2,300 is for the Class B and C License

Skills Testing

After completing your training, we will schedule you to be tested with the Department of Licensing, or certified 3rd party tester.

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